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How to Draw Smoke Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

How to draw smoke? Well, that sounds big, but I am presenting you with a better understanding and a simple way of drawing smoke. Mostly, we see the smoke out-let during a four-alarm fire, a person puffing a cigarette, a person cooking in the kitchen, serving a hot bowl, campfire, and so. To make the scene captured realistically and presented in the diagram makes the picture to be more live. It can be done by using a great mixture of shades and texturing.  

How to Draw Smoke

How to Draw Smoke

The basic Instruments you need are pencils like HB and softcore pencils like B2 and B3. A sheet of paper with your preferred color and a paper pad. Some basic requirements like a sharpener, eraser, colors, and shading tool. Here is the step-by-step procedure to draw the smoke.

Draw Smoke


  • Draw a set of curved lines as an outline in a razor-sharp point. Select an elongated, curved outline to congregate in a razor-sharp point. Draw an elongated, curved line that almost immediately touches at the center of the flame. 


  • Draw the lines in sharp points using curved lines of a selected length. Allocate the lines at a sharp point.

smoke drawing

  • Draw supplementary flames by appending them to the foreground of the sketch. Make the lines convene in sharp points.
  • Make some more sets of tiny, curved lines. As that every set of lines meet in a point.

How to Draw Smoke Step By Step

  • Make bits of flame to show ash from the fire. Don’t forget to sketch 2 petite, curved lines to enclose the figure for each spark on every side.

How to Draw Smoke Step By Step

  • Include some more sparks representing a pointed shape using curved lines. Add some more little circles or dots to represent ash.
  • Draw a cloud of smoke, to enfold a lopsided shape on the fore in a curved linked line.

Draw Smoke Step By Step

  • Include some smoke on the cloud which looks like it is afloat above the fire. 
  • Don’t forget to add some progress in curved lines.
  • Now close the total vapors of smoke you added, with linked and curved lines. Draw some more dots to represent ash in the smoke.
  • To make the picture better add the shadings to your fire. The steam includes a white range with shades of black and grey. In general, the fires see up in a mixture of orange, yellow, and red.

Smoke Drawing with Face

How to Draw Smoke

Add the color shades in a better way to make the fire seems brighter or lighter according to the scene of Instance. The colors to draw smoke mostly evolve in-between grey, white, black, red, and orange.

smoke drawing

You can apply the same steps while drawing the incense stick blowing out the fire, a steam engine releasing fire, a person smoking, while burning some waste materials, the fire used in cooking, and many more instances. The way of drawing the smoke is common in every instance as mentioned above. According to the situation, you can add up some floating of fire, ash, the cloud of smoke, vapors, and some more curved lines to make it look bigger.

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