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How to Draw Banner Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

If you want to publicize something or to make it noticed by others, you definitely need to learn how to draw banner. A banner is more like a pamphlet but bigger in size. You can use a banner in any event or for commercial/ volunteering work. Drawing anything can be easy if taught well, but can be difficult if taught in a difficult way that is not easy to understand.

How to Draw Banner

Here are the easiest steps to follow to draw a banner, do follow and make it easily:

  • Depending upon the size of the message you want to put on display/ banner for others to read, you can size the drawing accordingly. Here, start by drawing three rectangles. One rectangle is for the important message you want to put on while rest two small rectangles are slightly offset to the sides of the bigger rectangle.

  • You can check out the image provided to make it easy to understand. In this drawing we are putting the banner folds slightly lower than the main rectangle but it completely depends on you if you want the banner folded in another way. For that, you can simply move them up. 
  • Now, let us draw the banner fold lines and cut-outs at the ends. You will have to join the outer corners of the main rectangle to the inner corners of the smaller fold rectangles with the help of a simple straight line. 

Now, finally, to give the shape of the cut-outs add 2 V-shaped drawings, one at each side. 

How to Draw Banner Step By Step with Pictures

You can clearly see that the rough shape of the banner is in our hands now. All we have to do is to give it a final touch by adding some extra drawings and messages to the banner. 

  • Lastly, we will be putting final important inputs in completing this drawing so as to make it look a little 3D. That we can do by drawing shading around the drawing as shown in the image. Since we want to keep the banner as a simple form of line art, therefore we can mark the message in our own handwriting with smart letters. 

We would suggest to shade ribbon fold triangles with vertical lines as shown and adding towards the edges of the banner, add some horizontal lines too; this will give a tense folded look to the banner. Smart, yeah? 

How to Draw Banner

Do give notice that in the middle, lines are comparatively shorter and longer at the top and bottom.

With this, after adding the suitable message in the middle of a bigger rectangular box, this banner drawing is complete. You can always fill it with colors and make it look catchier and more attractive. We really hope that you enjoyed drawing with us. 

This was a simple rectangular-shaped banner. Similarly, you can draw a wave-shaped banner as well. Just follow a similar step as given on another page.  

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