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How to Draw Poses Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

How to Draw Poses: In the artistic domain, the drawing of poses is one of the most fascinating artistic adventures that most of us like to take. Out of the same fascination, most individuals wonder as to how to draw poses to get excel at this art. Drawing the poses can seem to be quite a challenging task however just like any other art it’s also yet another dimension of the artwork.

So, if you are willing to learn to draw human poses then we are definitely glad to guide you through the same. The article ahead provides the step-by-step guide as to how anyone can learn the most possible realistic human poses from the scratch. You can simply proceed with the article to begin your learning journey to the human poses.

How to Draw Poses?

Well, the art of drawing the poses is much like drawing the other objects however things change with the methodology. You need to follow a certain approach in order to draw the most accurate human poses. You can simply go ahead with the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to make it come quite easier for yourself.

How To Draw Human Poses

how to draw poses

Step – 1

  • You need to start first of all by collecting enough material and resources before you begin to draw the pose.
  • If you are a beginner then you should begin with the arrangement of paper, pencil, and an eraser that come of some fine quality.
  • As a beginner, you don’t need to focus on arranging the canvas colors, brushes, pastels, etc.
  • After this, you will require inspiration to draw the post that can be a picture of the model, a person in life, another picture, etc to guide yourself.

how to draw human poses

Step – 2

  • Now you will simply begin ahead by simply drawing the basic action line around which the whole pose will revolve.
  • Each and every pose has at least one line of action and the maximum can be several to begin the overall layout of the pose.
  • The action line is generally in the vertical format however the shape can differ in accordance with the standing position of the person such as curved, twisted, or in the gesturing position
  • You must be able to identify the accurate central line in order to draw a precise framework for the pose.

Step – 3

  • Now in this step, one can decide to break the body parts in the form of 3D shapes that can make the process quite convenient.
  • For instance, you can take the rectangular for the torso, cylinders for the legs, and then arms.
  • Similarly, the spheres can be taken for the formation of shoulders, knees, and the sockets
  • These 3D aspects will actually help you as the building blocks of your pose and you simply have to use them rightly.

Step – 4

  • Well, this is the last step in which we will focus on bringing clarity to the drawn raw pose.
  • You need to start doing it with the help of sketching the overall pose in this step.
  • Since human poses don’t look like clean-lined tubes thus you can use the sketch to give it a more realistic outlook.
  • Erase all the unnecessary lines from the pose that might be giving the raw outlook to the pose.
  • With the proper finishing, you can come up with the nearly most realistic human pose.

how to draw human poses

We believe that this above-mentioned guide on drawing the pose will be highly beneficial for all the beginners around. They can simply use this guide as the reference point to begin their art of human poses.

How To Draw Poses – Sketch

how to draw human poses

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