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How to Draw Glasses Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Wondering about how to draw glasses in the easiest possible manner? Well, we can definitely guide you through the same process that the article is going to reveal ahead. In this article, we are going to cover the systematic guide on how to draw the glasses from very scratch. The article is useful for both the beginners and also for the intermediate stage who are struggling to have a proper guide further. So, we urge you to go through this entire article and then get excellent at drawing all types of glasses.

How to Draw Glasses?

How to Draw Glasses

There is an approach in the artistic domain that guides individuals in drawing almost anything that exists around the world. Drawing the Glasses is not that difficult task if one has the right approach to go ahead. Here below we are exactly going to provide that simple-to-follow approach in some simple steps.

How to Draw Eye Glasses

Anyone can follow these steps to create an interactive and accurate format for the glasses.

Step – 1

  • We have to begin with the two outlines in order to come up with the rims and lenses of the glasses.
  • We are here taking the oval shape of the glasses so you need to draw the outlines in accordance with the same shape.
  • The shape should follow the square ends on both sides to finish the proper oval format.

How to Draw Eye Glasses

Step – 2

  • In this step, you will need to join the two eyes of the glasses with the one another by using the bridges
  • You can simply take the two lines in order to create the bridge lines that will give the legitimate shape to the glasses.
  • You can also take the single bridge line which depends upon the goal of physical appearance for the glasses.

Step – 3

  • This step is where we will draw the rims of the glasses which comes in the pair
  • The rims should be in the utmost identical form on both sides.
  • These rims will give an intense and more complete outlook to the glasses.
  • Next after the rims, you need to draw the hinges which connect the handles of the glasses.
  • There should be two hinges on both sides of the glasses.

Step – 4

  • Now you need to draw the temples at both sides of the hinges
  • The temples begin from the ending point of the hinges and go up to the end.
  • At the end side, you need to give the temples the shape of a curve to sit on the ears.

So, this is it and we believe that this guide will definitely come in handy for all the beginners here.

How to Draw Glasses

They can simply follow the steps in a similar order to come up with the accurate shape of glasses. Kindly note that drawing the glasses can be a difficult task for most beginners and therefore they need to stay in practice to get excel at it. With the due amount of practice, one can build those skills to easily draw any kind of glasses.

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