For kids and beginners, this article on how to draw a rose🌹 is very interesting and easy to follow.  Drawing of a rose is super fun for kids with only a few strokes and steps. Roses are the most beautiful and fragrant flower among all the other flowers thus it attracts most.

How to draw a rose


How to Draw a Rose Step by Step for Kids /Beginners

Its also a fact that red rose symbolizes love, yellow friendship, orange is for enthusiasm, white rose defines purity and pink for joy, etc.

How to draw a roseRoses have other attractions also:

For decoration purposes and fragrance, roses are mostly used. Rose flowers are not only beautiful but also they are captivated for centuries, inspiring poets, artists, or can say every human being.

How to Draw a Rose Bud with Pencil:

follow these steps to draw your rose:

Step 1🌹:

Draw an oval shape to start your rose drawing. However, nothing is perfect in nature you can draw it imperfect also. Your rose will look great as you are drawing it.😍

How to draw a rose


Step 2🌹:

Inside the oval draw a small spiral in your chosen direction and number of turns. Your Determination will turn it beautiful not the direction and number of turns.

How to draw a rose


Step 3🌹: 

Around the spiral draw a heart shape in the manner that it touches from the top of the oval as shown in image below. If the other part of the heart touches the oval shape need not worry, again nothing is perfect in this world.

How to draw a rose


Step 4🌹:

From the top of the heart shape start drawing a nice curvy S shape line and make a V shape point on below while reaching the bottom of the heart.

How to draw a rose


Step 5🌹:

On the other end of the heart make a similar shape, draw a line so that it touches the previous shape without the pointy tip.

How to draw a rose


Step 6🌹:

Draw a U shape below the image as shown in the image and you will see a rose blossoming.

How to draw a rose


Step 7🌹:

Add a few details according to the image given below to clarify the petals of your rose as shown in the image.


How to draw a rose


Step 8🌹:

Under the flower draws a few sepals.


How to draw a rose


Step 9🌹: 

Its time to draw stems and leaf for your rose 

How to draw a rose


Step 10🌹: Turn your rose-red by filling color to it however you can fill pink, yellow, white with your choice. Filling color is always fun. Your beautiful elegant simple rose drawing is complete and ready to blossom.

How to draw a rose


Thus this way we saw drawing a beautiful rose step by step. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Hence try for sure with your own observations and editing as we know practice makes us perfect.

How to draw a rose                                      How to draw a rose


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